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Leading in a Campus Network with Cheryl Richards

Dr. Cheryl Richards is the CEO and Regional Dean at Northeastern University at Charlotte, a node campus in Northeastern’s Lifelong Learning Network. In this episode, Cheryl discusses her path to higher education and how she wove together a diverse group of professional experiences. These...

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Auxiliary Services with Jim Earle

With competition growing to enroll students on America’s campuses, colleges must act to meet the growing expectations of students and parents. Dr. Jim Earle, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business and Auxiliary Services at the University of Pittsburgh, discusses how campuses are changing to meet...

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Student Affairs with Sharon Basso

Dr. Sharon Basso is the Vice President for Student Affairs at Claremont McKenna College. Sharon shares with listeners her path to higher education. The conversation explores a number of topics around current trends in student affairs and the challenges that students are experiencing on...

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Show Introduction with J.P. Matychak

In this episode, listeners meet the Growing Higher Ed Leaders podcast host, Dr. J.P. Matychak. He walks the listeners through his personal journey into higher education and outlines his higher education leadership experiences. J.P. introduces the background for the show and outlines the three key...

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